As far as juicing goes, cold pressing is the best method. It’s a gentle process that places fruits and vegetables under 2,000 pounds of pressure to extract the raw juice. No excessive oxidation occurs and no heat is applied, allowing the live cells of the produce to remain intact. All of the raw nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes are maintained, while the fiber is left behind (which actually makes it easier for our bodies to absorb all the nutrients quickly and effectively). The result is a raw, unpasteurized juice that maintains all the nutritional integrity (sans-fiber) of the original produce.

To extend shelf life, many juice companies pressure pasteurize their cold-pressed juices through a process called HPP, or high-pressure processing.  About 60,000lbs of extra pressure is added to the juice after packaging (plastic must be used), which deactivates microorganisms and live enzymes whose natural chemical activities slowly decompose the juice overtime. Thus, the juice lasts longer than the raw produce would have, making it easier to store, sell and ship. However, it’s those live microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to the ingredients’ nutritional quality, and by deactivating them you lose out.  Using HPP essentially negates the concept of drinking fresh, nutrient-dense, full-integrity juice.

In order to keep all the nutrients, all the probiotics, and all the enzymes of the produce intact, Fruitive does not use HPP! Our cold-pressed juice will remain nutritionally intact for about 4 to 5 days, just like raw produce that you would buy at your local farmers’ market.