-- NEW NEWS --

  • First and foremost -- FRUITIVE WEEKLY - shout out to Reigh at Hilltop for being the inspiration for internal communications. This will be emailed weekly, as well as, when there's an urgent update. It will keep you updated on everything you need to know Fruitive.
  • Wellness Wednesday - our new summer series. Check the graphic for your location to the right to learn the events we're putting on this month!
  • We are stopping production on Classic Carrot. Unfortunately, it wasn't holding up long enough. The juice pack brochures will continue to say Classic Carrot until we reprint - make sure you're being transparent with every guest who is inquiring about  a juice pack that it will be substituted for a CitruCarrot.
  • Be apart of our growth! We're all about hearing ways we can improve - there's a suggestion box below just for that.
  • We want our Instagram Stories to reflect YOU. Upload your prettiest superberry bowl, your avo\cucumber sandwich on the beach :)


Ryan Becklund - Regional Manager

Ryan has worked for our company for three years and has been an invaluable member of the growth of our company.

Ryan started working at the Hilltop location, in 2013 as a Fresh Tech, she was promoted to Store Manager within 6 months and within the first month of the store under her wing, Hilltop hit record sales. Ryan has since taken the front line of opening all our stores to date: CityCenterDC, The Main, and Ghent, and has maintained the position as Ghent's store manager since open. Between training other store managers, cultivating customer relationships, and helping to build our locations, she has been a highly influential in the creation of where Fruitive is today. 

With Ryan's new role as Regional Manager, her role will put her as the direct report to each of our current locations, including each division in the commissary kitchen and logistics. As regional, she will be on a rotation to each location to ensure all standards are met from cleanliness and atmosphere to employee and manager productivity. While on location, Ryan will be hands on, working in the store\kitchen, and meeting with each of the managers. Ryan will liaison between corporate and the storefronts\commissary kitchen to implement initiatives and development.

We are thrilled about the direction of Fruitive and the role Ryan will take in the next stages of our growth. If you have any inquires about how Ryan and this new role will affect your working relationship, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

We hope you’ll all join in congratulating Ryan on her outstanding performance and wishing her the best of luck in her future position.

SHIFT LEADS & Reporting

# of names entered for incentive

Midday and Nightly reporting are mandatory daily - your net revenue and labor, need to be accurate. Midday reporting is letting us know what % of labor you're at, and your expected to communicate that to the night lead and to be mindful about staying at or below your stores labor expectation:

CCDC and Hilltop - 17% or under

Ghent and The Main - 26% or under

Every time a report is done accurately and on time - that shift leads name is recorded. At the end of the month - one midday name and one nightly name will be picked at random. Winner will get $25 cash. WOOOOP. 


Inventory on order forms need to be completed by 3pm daily - please make sure you're making 'completed' and writing your name and date on every tab.


Einstein Award


Fresh Tech - The Main

Amber is a sponge at Fruitive. Not only does she exceed expectations, but she is constantly seeking a way to bridge the gap between customers and our Fruitive family. She makes suggestions daily on new attempts to bring customers in and she is so in tune with our waste and ways of leaving a smaller footprint. Amber has taught the team many things and she is always anxious to learn herself. She is the most kind hearted, hard working and positive individual to work with.

Game Changer award


Assistant Manager - Ghent

Lance works hard every single day and he is always solution-focused and wastes no time to solve problems. He relays information in a way that people understand and listen and he makes sure that everyone receives that information. He makes himself available to lend a helping hand whenever needed, and he is not afraid to try new, innovative methods to increase efficiency, quality, customer service, etc. Lance is always going the extra mile to keep things running smoothly.


Katherine zele

Manager - Juice Team

We don't always get to see the details of what is going on with the juice team, however, they consistently produce a high quality product and it is never a worry of what we get from her team. Katherine is a smart, strong leader who is very capable to organizing her team to meet the needs of all the stores and markets. She is also extremely patient and open with communication to all other team members. Fruitive is appreciative of her enthusiasm for working efficiently and we're lucky to have her!

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