GEM Award winners


GEM Awards recognizes employees on a quarterly basis who exemplify Fruitive's Code of Conduct.

Employees are nominated by their co-workers - all employees are encouraged to participate to nominate any employee, in any division, at any level.


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Amber Nuckolls

Fresh Tech - The Main

Amber is a sponge at Fruitive. Not only does she exceed expectations, but she is constantly seeking a way to bridge the gap between customers and our Fruitive family. She makes suggestions daily on new attempts to bring customers in and she is so in tune with our waste and ways of leaving a smaller footprint. Amber has taught the team many things and she is always anxious to learn herself. She is the most kind hearted, hard working and positive individual to work with.


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Lance Zimmerly

Assistant Manager - Ghent

Lance works hard every single day and he is always solution-focused and wastes no time to solve problems. He relays information in a way that people understand and listen and he makes sure that everyone receives that information. He makes himself available to lend a helping hand whenever needed, and he is not afraid to try new, innovative methods to increase efficiency, quality, customer service, etc. Lance is always going the extra mile to keep things running smoothly.


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Katherine Zele

Manager - Juice Team

We don't always get to see the details of what is going on with the juice team, however, they consistently produce a high quality product and it is never a worry of what we get from her team. Katherine is a smart, strong leader who is very capable to organizing her team to meet the needs of all the stores and markets. She is also extremely patient and open with communication to all other team members. Fruitive is appreciative of her enthusiasm for working efficiently and we're lucky to have her!