Green Apple, Pineapple, Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Celery, Lime


Nobility was created in collaboration with the Noblemen Group, a charity based in Hampton Roads that gives back to local kids in need. Their motto, “Helping Kids and Changing Lives,” speaks to exactly what Fruitive hopes to do through health awareness in our community. Based on the Noblemen Group’s colors, we’ve designed Nobility to not only taste delicious, but to represent and support this fantastic charity and their efforts. With dark, leafy greens at its base, light cucumber, and refreshingly sweet pineapple, Nobility is a juice perfect for the intermediate juicer. Not unlike the Noblemen Group, Nobility is full of pure energy and good intention.


All of our green juices are power packed with some of the best all around nutrients, and Nobility is no exception. It not only cleanses your body from the inside out, but also provides a great natural energy boost. Rich in chlorophyll-dense greens, cleansing cucumber, vitamin-C-rich and anti-inflammatory pineapple, Nobility supplies immune and digestive support and helps facilitate detoxification.


A medium-bodied green juice with added light flavors from cucumber and tropical pineapple.