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Fruitive is excited to collaborate with influential individuals in the community who exemplify Fruitive’s values. #LiveYourHealth and #LiveYourValues are part of their heartbeat and they love encouraging others to do the same!



Eat plant-based (or mostly plant-based)
Love encouraging others to #LiveYourHealth
Have a following in the community
Inspirational local influencer

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Fruitive’s first official Ambassador, Zack, is a 21 year old Norfolk-native, plant-based professional surfer, and Fruitive regular. Zack went plant-based a year ago and when he made the change in his diet, he felt a significant increase in energy, increased regulation, and overall better health. He makes most of his food at home and boasts making a killer coconut curry. When he’s not catching a wave, you can probably find Zack hanging out at one of the local Fruitive shops, skateboarding, reading, journaling, or traveling. You can find Zach on Instagram at @zachbeaudoin_.

Fun Facts: 

  • Favorite Fruitive menu items: Tuscan Kale Wrap, PRObowl + maca powder, Immunity, Hail to the Kale Salad, and Coffee Date.

  • Favorite Fruit: Pitaya

  • Favorite Vegetable: Butternut Squash

  • What are some food / drinks you like making at home? Coconut curry and smoothie bowls.