There are very few things in life that are an open book, but we believe that you should never have to question the food you eat. We love creating products comprised of only the best ingredients, with all the best nutrients. Additionally, we are always proud to list every single ingredient we use at our kitchen and store (check out our comprehensive ingredient index). Furthermore, as we personally grow as a business and improve our processes to bring you a more perfect product, you can expect that we will be open and transparent with all our doings and decisions along the way. Plus, as the methods for juicing and plant-based cooking continue to evolve, we are here to be your sherpa, your teacher, and your friend as we help you to take this health world by storm.


Fruitive was built with a sincere passion for healthy, sustainable living. While our authenticity shines brightest through our food, this passion runs through our veins and touches all that we make and do. From our vintage library to our store’s hand-built, reclaimed wood tables, to the stories and laughs you’ll share with our staff, our desire is to nourish, uplift, and inspire with as much authenticity as you can handle! We believe a real and truly authentic experience creates an emotional attachment, a connection, and inspires relationships, and we always want you to leave Fruitive feeling a little bit richer on the inside.


Here at Fruitive we encourage recipe development with one goal in mind – to achieve the perfect blend of incredible flavor and maximum nutritional value, regardless of ingredient cost. Our apples don’t arrive coated in wax, our avocados are sliced to order, and our juices are never bulked up with water or other fillers. With our products, you will always get the best quality. You can enjoy your delicious Fruitive experience knowing that the phenomenal taste is a result of the highest quality ingredients themselves. Our community is our family, and for family, only the best is acceptable.


Respectfulness, honesty, and treating our customers as we’d like to be treated, are all principles that guide us as a company! If we can’t source an ingredient from one of our approved sources, then we won’t be serving it at all. Every piece of produce that passes our counter, whether in a salad, wrap or juice, has been scrutinized. Every source of information double-checked. If we can’t back it, how could we expect you to? For us, integrity, not ignorance, is bliss!