What does wellness or “to be healthy” really mean to you?

At Fruitive, we believe that everyone is a true individual, and that your path to true health and happiness is as unique as you are. And thus, our motto:


To #LiveYourHealth means to explore, discover, listen, and pursue what’s personally healthy for you! It’s about setting your health standards, sticking to them, and enjoying the journey. To #LiveYourValues means to stay true to yourself by honoring your beliefs and standards through integrity and authenticity. We love our motto, it is the principle we work and live by, and it is our heartfelt challenge for you to do the same. Learn more about how we Live Our Health and Live Our Values below.


Our standards makeup the backbone of our company. They support every new idea, every new hire, every new product, and lay the groundwork for living our 4 core values – transparency, authenticity, quality and integrity. We hold every aspect of our business to the highest standards – from the sourcing of our ingredients to the seats we built for you to sit on while you dine with us. We make a conscious effort to provide our customers with an experience that is genuine, valuable, authentic, healthy, and worthy of their dime. We don’t cut corners, we never settle, and we live to deliver upon our promises to you.


At Fruitive, we hold our products to the Nth degree! Quality is never sacrificed for quantity or convenience, here. Our produce is sourced from trusted local farmers and organic suppliers, our cold-pressed juices are housed in glass and full of raw nutrients, our natural sweeteners are minimally processed, organic alternatives to traditional sugar, and our products are always guaranteed to be 100% plant-based. We treat our customers like family, and for our family, only the best products are acceptable!

In order to turn a leaf of kale into the best green juice possible, we ensure that the processes we use have integrity, are gentle, and never compromise the nutrients. At Fruitive, we ensure that every juice and product is made within these standards and we truly pride ourselves on it!