What is fruitive?

fru-i-tiv adj: fruitful; enjoyment

Founded in 2011 by Gregg Rozeboom, Fruitive is proud to be the first certified organic restaurant in Virginia and one of few in North America. We are humbled to have all of our locations certified organic with Oregon Tilth.  Committed to offering a menu comprised of quality organic, plant-based, and wholesome ingredients, Fruitive takes a fresh approach with their philosophy of great food that’s good for the mind, body and the planet. Fruitive planted their first restaurant location in Virginia Beach, VA.  In five years, the company has now grown to include five locations with a location in downtown Washington, D.C, and three locations in Norfolk: including a food and beverage manufacturing kitchen, the recently opened Fruitive at The Main, and their soon-to-launch location in the historic district of Ghent.  





Nothing matters more to us at Fruitive than the ingredients we use. And we’re not ashamed to say that we’re complete nerds about these ingredients and about our health (and yours too)! In the spirit of transparency, integrity, authenticity, transparency and health-nerdery, we’ve comprised a comprehensive index of all the ingredients we use at Fruitive. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting, and can learn something new!


Rejuvenate with our juice

One of our main philosophies on juice rejuvenation is individuality. Everyone has his or her own reason for starting fresh and we want to celebrate that reason and support your juice journey! Rather than designing our juice packs around experience levels, we have formulated them around specific health goals.

Whether you are juicing for 1, 3, or 5 days, Fruitive wants you to get everything you can out of the experience and to discover the incredible, transformative powers of Fruitive's rejuvenating juices.