brazil nut milk


Brazil Nut Milk (Alkaline Water, Brazil Nuts), Dates, Sea Salt


Sure to convert any nut milk skeptic, our raw brazilian nut milk is rich in flavor with refreshing notes of natural sweetness. Get your much needed HDL cholesterol, omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy dose of selenium, and protein from this extraordinary milk. Brazil nuts promote antioxidant production from the amino acid methionine, giving your body the tools to fight free radical damage and premature aging. With the addition of fresh + fiber-rich dates, you have a wonderfully smooth nut milk that will rock your plant-based world!


Not only delicious, our Brazil Nut Milk is amazingly good for you! A great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, this milk is kicked up a nutritional notch with HDL cholesterol and a healthy dose of selenium. Perfect for when you are craving something sweet, satisfying and good for you as well!


Amazingly smooth, our Brazil Nut Milk is a delicious addition to our juice line-up that is sure to be a hit. Added date paste gives another dimension of flavor that only compliments the natural goodness of the brazil nuts.