Cafe latte+



Coffee, Cashew Milk (Water, Cashews), Dates, Sea Salt


A true java delight, Cafe Latte + is full of robust coffee flavor, so much so that it satisfies all your morning wake-up calls, afternoon caffeine cravings, and all-night study parties. Trust us, this dark, bold, full-bodied brew is truly one for the books. We’d even go as far as calling it the bee’s knees! We take concentrated, organic, cold-brewed coffee and blend it with our signature rich, creamy cashew milk and a hint of sweetness (thanks, Medjool dates!). So, next time you reach for your first (or next) cup of joe, grab a Cafe Latte +… you won’t be sorry… or tired!


Cafe Latte +, our bold, robust latte with all the pizzazz you need to get up in the morning… and when we say pizzazz, we mean that much needed mood and energy boost… in other words, thanks caffeine!! Plus, did you know coffee supports liver and cardiovascular health, increases cognitive function, and helps move bowels along?! Java is where it’s at!!


A dark, bold, full-bodied brew paired with rich creaminess and a touch of sweetness!