Ginger: The Miracle Worker

When it comes to living your health, ginger is a key ingredient in aiding your body in so many ways, especially as the cold season begins to sneak up on us. One of the strongest benefits of integrating ginger into your diet, is it's ability to help your body fight off inflammation. 

"Inflammation is actually one of your body's own self-preservation functions, but too much, of course, can cause problems with all areas of the body," explains Jennifer Van Horn, MS, nutritional consultant for Fruitive. Ginger can help. "Ginger is a miraculous natural medicine because it is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and even antibacterial," Horn adds. "It's always in my kitchen, my secret weapon to have on hand especially during the cold and flu season."


So where can you find this magic root on our menu? 

  • Sesame Ginger Soup
  • Sesame Ginger Tacos
  • Hail to the Kale
  • Protein Power - Carrot Ginger dressing
  • Apple Cider
  • Ginger Wellness shot
  • Berry Immune
  • Beet Faster
  • Brighten Up
  • Charcoal Limeade
  • Immunity and Immunity +
  • Kalevolution
  • Pineapple Xpress

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