Ghent Living Magazine Dinner review

Elegant table setting, healthy and deliciously crafted menu, and great company is what made the Ghent Living Magazine dinner such a success. From locally made kombucha and plant-based cheesecakes, to handmade name tags and goodies to take home, the guests raved about the experience. Read part of the review here:

"Our diners were met with a gorgeous table and knowledgeable, passionate staff that made this “fast casual” setting feel decadent. What’s more, everything we tasted was sumptuous. As a mom, I loved seeing the ingredients on the menu. You won’t find additives or chemicals in the selections; it really is good food you can feel good about feeding your family. Diner Molly Connors agreed. “I care about my friends’ health,” she told us, “and I believe that this food is a demonstration of self-care and love.” Her favorite dish? “The sesame ginger tacos were incredibly flavorful and such a unique concept!” Diner Paul Sinkuc shared similar sentiments. “In the past I was borderline addicted to fast food,” he told us, “but since finding Fruitive and a few other healthy restaurants, I have lost 22 pounds and I feel like a new person.” Diner Caroline Chessare concurred. “It’s amazing to find a restaurant that is delicious and aware and supportive and accepting of dietary restrictions,” she said, adding, “These are the best gluten-free waffles I’ve had.”  Diner Rebecca Topping loved the food, but raved about the juices that were hand-crafted and intentionally paired with our dishes. “The juice was amazing,” she said, “I’m surprised it was my favorite part of the meal.” 
Diner Kevin O’Dea is a regular, but was ecstatic to try something new. “I normally order the Tuscan kale wrap once or twice a week,” he confessed, “However, tonight I fell in love with the Avo Portobello Panini. It’s an incredible combination of ingredients.” 
After tasting so many spectacular options, the last thing on anyone’s mind was dessert. But when given mini cheesecakes and a “PB No J Superberry Bowl,” you can’t say no. At first glance of ingredients for the cheesecake crust (almonds, pecans, dates, sea salt), I expected a mushy texture but was not only surprised by the firm base, I was ecstatic. It was fantastic. Coupled with a smooth filling (cashews, lemons, coconut oil, agave and vanilla bean) and topped with raspberries, this was a dish to remember."


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